Why do you need to have your garage door regularly serviced?

Here are 5 things to consider – and they could save you a lot of money!

1. Its the largest moving component in your home.
2. Every garage door has springs which do 95% of your garage door lifting, so having them balanced and lubricated preserves the life of the motor.
3. A well balanced door prevents the cables from popping off the cable drum, a common cause of doors coming of the tracks, and the door runs smoother.
4. Always test the openers auto reverse for safety as they can go out of calibration.
5. Check the tracks are straight, wheels are in good condition, and all the nuts and bolts have not come loose. Also check that the door’s open and close limits have not shifted, especially on the older manual units.

Peel Garage Doors not only warranty our work, but also do a 20 point check every door we service, for a top quality inspection and peace of mind.

Our 20 point check

Here are 20 things we check during every Garage Door service:

1. Springs and balance
2. Cables
3. Poles/rails
4. Chain/belt
5. Globe
6. Centre bearing bracket
7. Left bearing bracket
8. Right bearing bracket
9. Opener bracket
10. Vertical tracks
11. Horizontal tracks
12. Lubed springs and parts
13. Tested auto reverse
14. Close and open limits
15. Tracks and rails
16. Remotes
17. Hinges
18. Wheels
19. Hanger brackets
20. Door condition

Checking these things will keep your garage door working smoothly and potentially save you an expensive repair job in the future.

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